Shut Up

It took a while, but it found a new home. 100x70 Lambda print/dibond/acryl

Exhibition Galerie Objectief Enschede

Also….25 sept. till 22.10.16. Opening in Photo Gallery Objective, Enschede with IMAGES 3.0  An overview of 3 years photographic work. With o.a. Beyond the Eye, Grey+ and more unseen pictures.

Summer Exhibition

From 18 July 2016 (opening) I am exhibiting my own Photoshop work  together with Annegreet Hoogeland (pinhole photography) and Jogchum Reitsma (Macro photography – DFF technique) The exhibition brings three completely different photographic approaches and fascinating techniques together under one roof. The exhibition is on view from 20 July to 24 August, every Wednesday from 10:30 to 16:00. Kleine Kerk, Vrouwenstraat 5, Steenwijk. Entrance is free.


Working on GREY+ a new serie Portraits

And New York

Back from Abu Dhabi

Studio Niko van der Klugt # Digital Photo Art  # Art Photography  

New Work based on photographs and material last visit United Arab Emirates, 2016.

Available for purchase at StudioNikovanderKlugt

Limited edition print > Hand Signed & Numbered of 05

Print, layer & size on request.

© 2016 Studio NikovanderKlugt, all rights reserved.
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BoerenBuren op het Stadhuis van Steenwijkerland

Contracts are now being signed in the Town Hall under the watchful eyes of my  “FarmerNeighbours, Steenwijkerland” portraits  (fourteen in total, 2015)  In addition to these, there are eight abstract works hanging in the Mayor and Alderman’s office.

14 portraits of Farmers - BoerenBuren 2015 Studio NikovanderKlugt

Cobra Art Company

one of the 13 images sold to Cobra Art Company Netherlands for their autum collection 2015

Previeuw Sisters

Model: Renate & Lucia Kortekaas / Studio Niko van der Klugt - 2015 - all rights reserved

Commissioned Portraits

90 x 90 > Lambda print / dibond / perplex 1/1


Barcelona - mrt. 2015 back with loads of material.

Atelierroute Dwingeloo

Atelierroute Dwingeloo. Beyond The Eye.2 - Opening will be at Whitton House and will be performed by Margot Nies & Terence Roe. I will show a couple of the portraits and abstract work. 1,2 and 3 may 2015. This one is Sold on Lambda print / dibond / Perplex 120 x 120 and is in a office on one of the canalhouses in Amsterdam.

New work - New Model

Model: Rentate Kortekaas - 70 x 100 Lambda print / dibond / Perplex - limited edition 1/3

Cobra Art Company

one of the 14 images sold to Cobra Art Company for there collection autum 2014.

Expositie Gemeentelijk Kunstbezit

As curator togheter with Maggie van Buiten we made the Exhibition "Gemeentelijk Kunstbezit Steenwijkerland" with work from Barbara de Reus and many more. In commission of the CBK, Commissie Beeldende Kunst Steenwijkerland.

Horen, Zien, Zwijgen

Sold, found a nice home in Utrecht. THX - 3 x 30 x 45 Lambda print / dibond / Perplex

Commissioned portraits

70 x 105 > Lambda print / dibond / perplex 1/1


Sold to private collector

Exhibition Vliegerhuys, Zwolle

Autum - Serie: Vivaldi > 120x120 > Lambda print / dibond / perplex > limitede edition 1/3

Nieuwstraat 55 , Zwolle - 4.11.14 t/m 31.12.14