Educated in decoration painting and graphic design, Niko van der Klugt began his career as independent light designer in the 1980s. He created light installations working with theatre and dance artists from all over the world, followed by initiatives of light visions for architectural projects, festivals and performances on location. Niko van der Klugt broadened his work on light design to museums, exhibitions, urban lighting and illumination.

During his career a call for freedom, development of a very own language of series of white lights and a growing interest in photography were incentives to translate his 3D works into multi media images. He more and more uses techniques such as photography, oil, digital light paintings and mixed media. After spending all of his live living in Amsterdam Van der Klugt moved to Zuidveen (Overijssel, The Netherlands). Niko van der Klugt focuses within his photography on making Digital Light Paintings. These works consist of an amalgamation of just own photo material,carefully created layer by layer into a unique universe.Photography that goes beyond photography.

Exhibiting an impeccable instinct for the emotional and evocative power of colour, movement, texture and shape Niko’s work relates more to a state of mind, mood or feeling then a tangible object. An artist with a broad representation in abstract and figurative art.

Niko van der Klugt works at a professional level from his country studio where he creates large scale digital paintings for both private and corporate collections, as well as portraits in commission.